Support Groups and Survivor Celebrations
As soon as you are diagnosed we consider you a survivor!  The Cancer Association of Havasu (CAoH) cares about you and your family and we want to help you navigate through what lies ahead.  We strive to provide tools and resources you need on your journey and we celebrate You, the Survivor and You, the Caregiver
Twice a year CAoH brings cancer survivors together for a celebration of life.  Each June, in conjunction with the National Cancer Survivors Day, we hold a Cancer Survivors Day Breakfast and in December we host a Holiday Celebration.  At both events, survivors are treated to food, entertainment, and inspiring messages.
CAoH offers three support groups to meet various needs in the community. Click the logo to go to their web page.

General Cancer Support GroupGeneral Cancer Support Group

Facilitated by Amie Morris, the Cancer Support Group is open to patients, family members and caregivers-any one whose life has been touched by a diagnosis of cancer is welcome to attend.   You will be both inspired and informed by the guest speakers and fellow attendees who know what you are experiencing. You may contact Amie through email by clicking her picture or call the Havasu Community Health Foundation at 928-453-8190.

Men's Cancer Support GroupMen's Cancer Support Group

This group is designed to meet the unique needs of men and provides a genuine, free-flowing sharing of information and allows the bonds of friendship to develop.    Men in the Lake Havasu Community, whether long-term cancer survivors, or recently diagnosed, are encouraged to attend.   You may contact Jim through email by clicking his picture or call the Havasu Community Health Foundation at 928-453-8190.

Bosom Buddies Support GroupBosom Buddies Support Group

Bosom Buddies is a support group for Breast Cancer Survivors, led by Arlene Polster. The survivors hope to raise awareness of the importance of annual mammograms in detecting breast cancer early when the treatment options and outcomes are the most favorable.  To raise awareness, they actively promote, support, and volunteer their time for their annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, which is held each October.  Early detection is the best protection - these ladies know this all too well and want to share that knowledge with their sisters - and brothers!  Not nearly enough people know men can also have breast cancer!  You may contact Arlene through email by clicking her name or picture or call the Havasu Community Health Foundation office at 928-453-8190.