HCHF Committees
As a non-profit, community driven organization, Havasu Community Health Foundation relies on its volunteers.  If you are looking for a place to become involved and a way to give back to your community, look through the committee descriptions below.  If one of them looks like a good fit for you, please contact our office at 928-453-8190. 

Program Development Committee Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with local health care providers to develop and expand our existing program offerings.  Ideally, our offerings should enhance doctor/patient  relationships, increasing the number of informed, motivated patients they serve.
  • Members of appropriate committees already under our umbrella should be invited to participate in committee meetings when subject(s) to be discussed are relevant to them.
  • Identify passionate volunteers who will take on the responsibility for new areas of focus (i.e. Parkinson’s, Type II Diabetes, juvenile obesity, etc.) and work with them as they go through the process of coming under the HCHF umbrella
  • Assign liaisons to each of the existing committees under the HCHF umbrella. These liaisons would regularly communicate with their committee chair, attend meetings when possible and generally encourage, and be a resource for their assigned committee.
  • Identify quality guest speakers for support groups, and educational seminars.

Fund Development Committee Responsibilities:

  • Community Partner Industry-group luncheons
  • Review grant proposals
  • Identify grant sources
  • Develop Partnerships with Healthcare Providers
  • Support PR Committee’s friend-raising socials by inviting contacts personally
  • Support planned giving dinners
  • Review and recommend potential community partnerships
  • Identify and organize public events to benefit HCHF