What We Are All About
Our Vision

At the Havasu Community Health Foundation, we envision Lake Havasu as one of the world's healthiest communities, with residents enjoying long, pleasurable, active lives and where no-one feels isolated by illness.
Our Mission

Our mission is to operate as a charitable foundation of caring individuals dedicated to the better health and wellness of the Lake Havasu community by facilitating and coordinating appropriate health-related programs and fundraising activities.
Our Core Values
We support and encourage healthy living
Educating with current information about good health choices is our job
Living longer by living smarter is our mantra
Life quality in Lake Havasu is improved because of our programs and services
News about health options in our community is conveyed through HCHF
Everyone in our community can access common wellness screenings
Support of HCHF comes from the private sector
Success of HCHF is a result of the efforts of dedicated volunteers and staff