Walker of the Month, Bob Feliciano              Bob Feliciano is our walker for October.  He is 79 years young but says his response on aging is, “I’m still not certain what I want to be when I grow up.”    He’s been married for 42 years, has 2 daughters from a previous marriage and 2 sons with his current wife.  He lost his youngest son to suicide and is now a big part of the #YOUmatter; Suicide awareness group.
             Bob moved full time to Lake Havasu from Downey, California in 2016.  He’s been coming to Havasu since 1974 and bought a home in 2003. 
He was in Law Enforcement for 20 years, worked for himself for 12 years and then became a tenured professor for the next 20 years.  In July he accepted a part time faculty position with ASU in Havasu.
Bob says he exercises to keep him active and feeling good.  He tries to exercise 3 times a week but when it’s hot it’s difficult.  He goes to 2 fitness centers and the city streets.  He has arthritis, AFIP and Sleep Apnea but feels great..
           Bob says our lives are like our heart, beats up and down but with hard work things will always work out!!  Let’s all get out hearts beating, get healthy and
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