Denise Johnk is our walker for November.  She is 61 years young (her birthday is in December) and has been happily married for 16 years.  Together they have 6 children and 10 grandchildren who are the lights of their life!!  She and her husband moved from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to Lake Havasu 12 years ago.  She has been working at Gem Assisted Living for almost 2 years. She left her job of 11 years to work at Gems for Vilma Urbina, who is also a great friend and walking buddy.             
Denise says she has always loved to walk.    In the past, she didn’t have time because of her job.  A couple years ago she decided she should start walking, so she started hiking on weekends with a hiking group and loved it.  She didn’t hike in the summer so she started walking the park and at the Island.
          Denise has been working weekends only, but is going part time in January.  She plans on starting every day off with 10,000 steps before going to work. She says it’s a great way to start the day, especially at Rotary Park!!
          Denise says she’s pretty healthy and hadn’t gone to the doctor in years until a couple of months ago.  She couldn’t believe the great report she got!  All her numbers were perfect and believes walking helped.
          Denise says many people have so many health issues that could be prevented if they would only get moving!!  She saw firsthand from her doctor’s visit how exercise can make you healthy.  She only takes vitamins, and has much more energy than she used to.  She feels great and usually does not get sick.  She believes it’s because she walks, and everyone should give it a try! Get off the couch, give it a try, grab a friend and Get on Your Feet!!