Havasu Healthy StridersPatricia Landry, Walker of the Month, June 2017
Patricia Landry is our walker for June.  She is 79 years young and has been single for over 30 years!!  She moved to Lake Havasu from Connecticut almost 37 years ago.  She has 4 grown children.  She is a Broker Associate and works part time at Lake Havasu City Properties.
Pat says she has always loved any outdoor activity and exercising.  She was able to really get started in an exercise program when she was able to slow down at work.   She exercises at least 5 days a week if possible.
 She developed a cholesterol problem, and the prescribed medication caused her muscles to become weak.  However, by exercising she’s been able to reduce the dosage to 10mg and is hoping to get off it.  She also developed a thyroid problem and has gained extra pounds, which she does not like.
Pat says don’t wait until you have a problem.  Diet and exercise is the way to go to a healthy life.  Just do as much as you can, and try something you enjoy so you will want to continue.  She says to keep your legs moving!!!  Let’s all get our legs moving and
"Get on Your Feet"