Havasu Healthy Striders
 Laura Venegas is our walker for July.  She is 37 years young and has a beautiful sister, nieces and nephews.  She moved to Lake Havasu 25 years ago.  She currently works at Titan Fitness as a receptionist.  Laura works out with her sister to make it more fun.  She says it motivates her to have someone else there and makes it easier to continue day-by-day.
Laura says she exercises because she feels better after each workout session and it gives her more energy to start and finish her day.  It relaxes her and helps her to be less stressed. She says she ends her day feeling better and it helps keep her heart healthy and helps her stay away from doctors.
Laura tells everyone to get up from the couch and get moving.  She says exercise has many benefits.  Working out at Titan Fitness will help you lose weight, have fun participating in the classes and will enable you make new friends so you always have someone to work out with.  So whether you exercise outside, at a fitness center or wherever you love to work out, get moving and get healthy and  Get on Your Feet!!!