Gloria hart is our walker for December.  She is 68 years young and has been married for 49 years this month! Congratulations Jim and Gloria!! That’s pretty awesome!!  They have 2 sons, Jonathan and Geoffrey, 4 grandsons: Jayden, Brendon, Camden and Tyler and a granddaughter Piper.  They have lived in Havasu full time since 2005 but bought their first house in 2001 as a vacation home.  They moved from Fountain Valley, California, and she is a beach girl all the way!!! She is retired but volunteers in a 1st grade classroom at Havasupai School.
Gloria says exercise helps to keep her joints moving and keeps her active.  She loves to do planks (haha!!) and loves all the people she works out with (we love you too Gloria!!).
Gloria is at Titan Gym 4-5 days a week, golfs as often as she can and kayaks weather permitting.  She also cares for and chases her 3 year-old granddaughter 4 days a week.  That will definitely keep you active!!
Gloria thinks working out helps her mind, body and disposition.  She is sure the benefits of walking, working out or just keeping busy are a must as you age. Move it or lose it as they say!! The weather is great for walking, kayaking or whatever your workout choice is, so get out, and clear your mind, get healthy and Get On Your Feet!!
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