Beverly Martin, August 2017 Walker of the MonthHavasu Healthy Striders

Beverly Martin is our walker for August. She is 78 years young and has been married for 47 years.  She has 2 sons.  She moved from Canada to Lake Havasu 47 years ago!!!  She works at Coldwell Banker and has been an active real estate agent since 1978.
Beverly’s exercise program includes aerobic classes, Jazzercise, walking, step classes, the use of gym equipment, Zumba and dance classes. She started playing tennis in the 70’s.  She tries to exercise at least 5 times a week.  She’s been a member of Havasu Fitness since it opened.

Beverly says she is fortunate not to have any major health issues but was diagnosed with osteoporosis last year and has some bad arthritis in her wrists.  She concentrates mainly on strength building exercises, weight bearing, walking, Pilates and balance exercises.

Beverly says, “just get up and get going”.  She advises walking to start out, which is the best all-around exercise, and is also a weight bearing exercise.  She also stresses learning to balance, as that is one of the most important things for all to do, especially as we get older.  She says good luck and keep on moving!!!

So, get up and get going and
“Get On your Feet!!!”