David Green, Walker of the Month April 2018Havasu Healthy Striders
David Green is our walker for April.  He is 62 years young and will celebrate 36 years of marriage in June. That’s awesome!!  He and his wife have no children and they moved to Lake Havasu 14 years ago from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  He worked as a custodian at Havasupai Elementary.
Dave has always kept active and has exercised as part of a weekly routine for most of his life.  Running has been a big part of his life for the last 1 ½ years.  It started as a one-time challenge to run a 5K, and turned into a normal part of his week.  He enjoys the personal challenge, and the fact that he feels better now than he has in 15 years.
Dave runs 3 times a week and enters 5K’s, trail runs and signed up for the Laughlin half-marathon last March. Hope you did well!!  He also does weights, planking and pushups several times a week. He exercises at home, runs on the Island, Sara Park trails and has a couple routes on the streets by his home.
Dave exercises for heart health, weight control and he loves to eat…everything.  And he just plain feels great!!  He says exercise is just good for you, allows you to meet great people and helps you to feel better!!  So take care of your health, feel great and
Get On Your Feet!!!