Jingle Bell WalkersThe Annual Jingle Bell Walk & Fun Run and Ugly Sweater Contest is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st!
If you want to walk the 5K race at a steady, strong pace and consider yourself ( or who would like to become) a “Fitness Walker.” we have a walking plan for you!
Over the next few weeks, from October 1st through the Jingle Bell Walk, follow the plan to move you from the Couch to 5K.
Just lace up your shoes—good shoes that are meant for walking—and walk 3 or 4 times per week.  Start with 10 or 15-minute walks if you haven’t been active at all up until this point.  Work your way up to 20 minutes or 30 minutes.  Ultimately, you’ll want to assure yourself that you can walk continuously for 3.1 miles, which will likely take an hour or more.  If your goal for the 5K is more performance-oriented, or if you are using this event as a chance to kick-start a fitness program, then having a plan and schedule will help guide your efforts..  Download a schedule here.
Register for the walk on our webpage here.
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