Havasu Health Walk Challenge
Stacie Marsh
Our September walker is Stacie Marsh. She is 49 years young, retired, and has lived in Lake Havasu since 2004.  She hails from Orange County, California.
Stacie exercises to stay active and to be healthier and fit.  She exercises about 5 days a week at Titan Gym, doing several classes including Zumba, TRX and Power Sculpt. 
Stacie says exercising has definitely helped her shed some pounds, and even though it was not her goal she will keep it up.  She says she sleeps better and feels stronger and has fewer pains associated with her arthritis.
Stacie says, “Just do it! Get out there and move your body.” She says you may not want to run, but go out each day walking, and exercising will get easier!  She says,” Can you think of a better investment of your time than your health???”  So let’s all invest in our health and
Get on Your Feet