Vilma Urbina October 2018 Walker of the MonthVilma Urbina is our Walker of the Month - October
   Vilma Urbina is our walker for October.  She is 34 years young, has been married to Sergio Gonzalez for 4 years and has a son, Eli, who is almost 2 years old.  She moved to Lake Havasu 14 years ago from Chico, California.  She is the owner of three Gems Assisted Living homes.  Vilma was named Woman of the Year for 2018 by Women with Willpower.  Congratulations!
   Vilma is trying to better her health and has lost 35 pounds by walking (way to go Vilma!)  She wants to be able to play with her son; 35 pounds ago that was really hard to do.  She says there were times when she wanted to give up, but her walking partner encouraged her to get up and go.  It’s always nice to have someone to walk with!
   Vilma says she tries to walk every day, but at least 5 days a week.  She walks at Rotary Park, does 5 sets of stairs at the bridge, and goes to Planet Fitness.
Vilma has Fibromyalgia, which has been a problem.  Walking has helped her with some of the symptoms.  Her diabetes has improved, and her high blood pressure and cholesterol numbers have gone down along with her weight.
Vilma says JUST DO IT!  It gets easier the more you do it, and helps when you have a partner to keep you accountable.  Since she has been walking for 12 weeks now, it has become routine.  Like I’ve said before, grab some friends, get out there and
Get On Your Feet!!!
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