Mike KebbleHavasu Health Walk Challenge
Mike Kebble is our walker for November. He is 56 years young and has been married for 12 years with 5 kids between himself and his wife. He works at Anixter Electrical Wholesale.  He moved to Lake Havasu from Whittier, California, 25 years ago.

Mike says he exercises to stay slim, trim and healthy for his wife.  He wants to stay healthy and enjoy a long life.
He made a lifestyle change 3 years ago to eat better and exercise. Never in his wildest dreams did he plan to jog, let alone run, a marathon.  He does 5 & 10 K’s and is currently training for a ½ marathon in December. Good luck Mike!!

Mike’s met like-minded people who enjoy healthier choices, push themselves and encourage each other at the gym and outdoors.  This has enriched his health and social life.
He exercises 5-6 days a week at Titan Gym, where he does TRX, Power Sculpt and Zumba with Sandy Hickox.  He also does Zumba with Rachel Clayton and Jenny Slettabo.  All have all been inspirational in pushing many to help meet goals.

Mike has no health issues, and back pain is a thing of the past since he changed his eating habits and exercises. He used to find reasons not to go to the gym but now looks forward to going. Getting out of your daily routine and finding 60 minutes to exercise is life changing.  So let’s get out of our comfort zone, make healthier choices, meet new friends and
Get on Your Feet