Dave Olday, March Walker of the MonthHavasu Health Walk Challenge
Dave Olday is our walker for March!! He is 72 years young and has been married to Cheri for 9 years.  He has one stepson from a previous marriage, and his wife has 2 sons from a previous marriage.  They moved to Lake Havasu about 7 years ago from Fargo, North Dakota. He was a college professor for nearly 40 years and has been retired for over 8.  He volunteers for the Havasu Community Health Foundation where he is the Chair of the Heart Society, Mended Hearts, as well as the Visitor Center.
Dave is a member of a senior walking group and walks 3.2 miles every M-W-F at Rotary Park and the channel.  He enjoys walking, and says the socializing and the exercising has been vitally important for someone who had bypass surgery almost 17 years ago.
Dave says he exercises in various ways every day, including occasional golf and hiking, and does not stay sedentary!!  Exercising has helped to him from becoming overweight and has probably helped ward off diabetes as well as helped to keep his arteries from clogging.
 Dave says walking and exercise can be fun, especially with others, and it has significant health benefits. It generates friendships and generally results in people feeling better.  So let’s get up, get together with friends or make new ones and
"Get on Your Feet"