Sigrid Shaw, January 2017 Walker of the MonthHavasu Health Walk Challenge
Sigrid Shaw is our walker for January. She is 74 years young, is married, and has a son and daughter living in Wisconsin.  She spent 33 years in education and retired 13 years ago.  She and her husband split their time between Lake Havasu and Wisconsin.
   Sigrid said shortly after she retired her doctor wanted to put her on medication, so she knew it was time to lose weight and get moving.  She’s lost 70+ lbs (awesome!!) in about 2 years, through diet and exercise and miles of walking!

   Sigrid exercises a minimum of 4 days a week. Three days of those days she does the Silver Circuit at Anytime Fitness.  She plays golf one day a week in a league, and tries to get walking miles in on other days.  Her Garmin wants her to do 10,000 steps daily. She says weight and cholesterol got her started; now exercise is part of her daily routine.

   Sigrid says walking is the least expensive and most effective thing she has found.  The first step is the hardest.  She loves to run and still runs a 5K as often as she can. So start with the first step and
"Get on Your Feet"