Excerpts from the latest Healthbeat Magazine
Why Parents Should Vaccinate Their Children, by Karen Lewis, MD., Medical Director Arizona Immunization Program Office    Sixty years ago, parents were much more worried about the side effects of diseases than about possible side effects from vaccines.  Most people knew of someone whose child had been paralyzed by polio, hospitalized with measles, deafened by German measles (rubella),  brain damaged from meningitis, or killed by whooping cough.  As more and more vaccines have been developed and used, many vaccine-preventable diseases have almost disappeared in the United States.  Most parents have not experienced how serious and deadly these vaccine-preventable diseases can be.
The New Light, by Dr. Tania Sobchuk . . . We have always known that UV light can be harmful to our skin and eyes, which is why we encourage sunglasses and sunscreen. However, with advancements in technology we now have many devices present in our everyday that emit a different kind of light.  This light is called, “Blue Light” and is emitted by phones, tablets, computer and TV screens, fluorescent (regular and compact) and LED light bulbs.
New Personal Best at Age 69 . . . Hello my name is JoJo O'Brien I am 69 years old and I like to run for health and enter races.  Some of you will recognize me from my profile published in January for the Heart Health Fair.  Since then I have talked with many wonderful people who see me run and give me words of encouragement like "I admire you" or "you are my hero" and "how many miles are you doing today?" with a hand out for a high five as I pass.  I wish to share my recent accomplishment a 13.1 miles half marathon run in San Luis Obispo, CA.
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