Kristin Kebble, December Walker of the MonthHavasu Health Walk Challenge
Kristin Kebble is our walker for December.  She is 48 years young and has been married to Mike for 12 years.  They have 5 children. She has lived in Lake Havasu for 12 years and works for Parker Unified School District.
   Kristin exercises 5-6 days a week attending classes at Titan Gym and walking at the Island and Rotary Park.  She exercises to feel good both physically and mentally and has found her stress level much more manageable when she exercises regularly. She says Sandy Hickox, an instructor from Titan Gym, constantly challenges everyone to push themselves to set new goals and give their best.
   Kristin says her blood pressure and cholesterol were high and her doctor was leaning towards prescribing medication for her.  Regular exercise has saved her from having to do that, and her health has greatly improved.
   Kristin says to take the first step and look for something to keep you motivated.  She says the classes at Titan Gym and the people there have kept her coming back for almost 4 years.  The weather is colder now so bundle up if you walk outside, or go to the gym.  Either way,
"Get on Your Feet"