Marc & Kim Bohannan
Marc & Kim BohannanMarc & Kim Bohannan celebrated their wedding on May 2nd and would like to thank everyone that attended and helped to make it a special day!
The Bohannans and the Cancer Association of Havasu would like to
Marc & Kim Bohannanadd special thanks to those who made a donation to the Cancer Association in lieu of wedding gifts.
Karyn Armstrong
Karrie Barbettini
Candie Calvin
Kenny Dunlop
James & Jessica Eidson
Anita Gilkey
Sharon Grabel
Michael Heath
Patricia Henry
Michael Roberts
And many more who gave anonymously.
Your gifts to the Cancer Association are highly appreciated – we could not do what we do without support from people like you.  The donations received support low cost cancer screening programs, educational forums and support groups in the Lake Havasu community.
Marc and Kim, we thank you, too, for your generosity.
The Cancer Association of Havasu Committee