Mary L. Johnson is our walker for August.  She is 64 years young, has been married for 9 years and had a son she lost to suicide in 2006.  She moved to Lake Havasu from Washington State in 2010 after retiring from Boeing.
Mary says exercise is her “new job” and loves it!!  She hikes, bikes and attends classes at Titan Gym. Monday/Wednesday/Fridays she does Spin class, and Tuesday/Thursdays she goes to Stretch and Tone, Step Class and Yoga totaling 9 hours.
Mary has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and osteopenia.  She feels exercise definitely keeps her active, very motivated and helps her maintain her weight.  She says she is more limber and toned (underneath her belly fat, she’s pretty sure she has a six pack under there!!)
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Mary says walking/exercise, whichever one you do, will give you the energy and confidence to get out and experience what life has to offer you.  Walking gives you the liberty to explore beautiful trails, and the fresh air is amazing!  She says exercise should be an everyday adventure!!  So whatever you choose to do, experience life, start a new adventure and
Get On Your Feet!
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