Havasu Health Walk Challenge
Tim Rodriguez
Tim Rodriguez is our walker for August.  He is 45 years young and has been married to the same wonderful woman for 22 years!! They have a 19 year-old daughter and a 14 year-old son.  He moved to Lake Havasu in 1987 from Sacramento, California.  He has been working for Lake Havasu City for almost 25 years.
Tim says he walks so his clothes fit and also because the City is having a competition among its employees to see if they can reach the goal of at least 5,000 steps a day.  He is very competitive, and is battling friends via social media to best each other.  In doing so, they are going over the goal number of steps.  He says he walks 7 days a week on the south side of town and recently has been playing volley ball a few times a week. 
Tim says he has had heart issues in the past and the doctor said to exercise, so he is waiting to see how much it has helped.  Good luck Tim!!
Tim says “don’t you want your clothes to fit better?” If you do let’s get walking!!  Whether you want your clothes to fit better, for health reasons or whatever reason you may have, just do it and
Get on Your Feet