At the Havasu Community Health Foundation, we envision Lake Havasu as one of the world's healthiest communities, with residents enjoying long, pleasurable, active lives and where no-one feels isolated by illness.  Our mission is to operate as a charitable foundation of caring individuals dedicated to the better health and wellness of the Lake Havasu community by facilitating and coordinating appropriate health-related programs and fundraising activities. 
We depend on volunteers to fulfill our mission.
If you desire to have an impact on our community and have skills and time to share, contact us to see where you might fit in our organization.  Areas you can help now:
  • if you have a pick-up or van, help us transport materials to and from health fairs
  • Drivers for the Veteran's Treatment Court van are needed
  • work at our office front desk
  • marketing support
  • more areas listed on our application
Click the Volunteer App link to download an application and return to our office. 
Or, click here to go to an online application form.
Do you know it has been proven that those who volunteer are physically healthier?  Volunteering can reduce the incidence of heart disease, reduce aches and pains and improve over-all health. Volunteering also sharpens your brain.  You can reduce mental aging through actively volunteering.  We have many opportunities for you to volunteer.  When you join our team you will be "Living Longer by Living Smarter!"