2019 is the inaugural year of the Ms. Lake Havasu City Pageant.  We are excited to open the pageant to younger women this year!
The pageant has its roots in the Ms. Havasu Senior Pageant which has a 12 year history of honoring women of substance who have much to offer our community. 
The Ms. Havasu Senior Pageant was originated by Prestige Assisted Living to recognize residents for their lifelong contributions and achievements and to celebrate their vitality in life.
When the Senior Pageant grew to a point it was no longer manageable by Prestige staff, Havasu Community Health Foundation took the baton and kept the tradition alive.  The Pageant is a favorite annual event—an evening celebrating funny, talented, entertaining women.
The 2019 Pageant has been opened to women as young as 45 and is no longer labeled “Senior” but is now Ms. Lake Havasu City!  We are excited about this change and look forward to this year’s event.
If you are interested in being a contestant, click one of the links in the right column to apply now.