I am an Epileptic
I am not ashamed to be an epileptic
I am not "different" from anyone else
I have a medical disorder
I am not a mental case
I am not mentally retarded
I am intelligent
I am not contagious
I can lead a normal family life
I am a good employee
I am reliable
I miss work less
I can be successfully treated
I can participate in sports, avoiding dangerous activities
I can drive if seizures are under control for 3-6 months
I cannot be recognized as epileptic by sight
I cannot drink alcohol
I cannot use street drugs
I must see my neurologist frequently and follow his/her instructions
I must take my medication regularly
I must eat nutritiously
I must develop regular sleep habits
I must avoid stress
I must avoid dangerous heights, and don't go on the roof or swim alone, etc
One person in ten will have a single seizure, and at some time during his/her life, one out of every 100 people have recurring seizures.
Epilepsy means more than 2 seizures
Epilepsy can begin at any age
Epilepsy is a disease such as diabetes and can be controlled with medication
Epilepsy is not a fatal disease
There are more than 40 different kinds of seizure disorders
In Arizona, physicians must report epilepsy to DMV, driving is suspended for a year with exceptions (these are determined by the DMV)