The Cancer Association of Havasu is proud to announce we now have a transportation program in place 
for Cancer Patients at no charge.
Free transportation is now available to doctor's appointments and back home for cancer patients. 
Transportation for Cancer Patients Now Available
As soon as the patient makes their doctor's appointment, they must call 453-7600 to make an appointment to be picked up and at that time let Mobility Transport know you will need a return ride home.
Walkers and wheelchairs can be accommodated as the bus has a lift. The patients are asked to make it known they will need this help at the time they make their appointment.
The bus runs on a 30 minute window for pick up and delivery (bus could arrive 10 minutes early or 20 minutes late). If the patients have a care giver traveling with them, there is no charge for the care giver.
The Cancer Center has the tokens and will hand them out to the patients for each ride.  The tokens are valued at $1.00 each.  The charge is $2.00 each way.
The bus runs Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.