Walker of the Month, Sara Melcher
            Lynn Sanchez is our walker for March!!  She is 50 years young, has been married for 26 years and has a son Chris and a beautiful daughter Kaylie!! (I just love Kaylie and admire her!!)  They moved from Huntington Beach, California, to Lake Havasu 16 years ago.  She works for the City of Lake Havasu.
            Lynn says she exercises to increase her energy level, maintain weight and to keep stress at bay.  It’s also a great opportunity to socialize and is good for your mind, body and soul.  She exercises 3-6 days a week at Havasu Fitness (spin, synergy, and boxing), Eight Lotus Yoga when she can and Titan Gym Zumba on special occasions.  She also hikes, kayaks, and enjoys paddle boarding and wogging (jog walk).  She finished her first half marathon, the Saints and Sinners Half Marathon, on February 15th with her daughter Kaylie. Great job to both of you!!! 
            Lynn has autoimmune disease which hurts more when she is sedentary.  At the same time she has to listen to her body when it tells her it is time to rest.  If she ignores it, she’s down for the count.  Another reason it is so awesome that she finished the half marathon!
             Lynn says exercise elevates your mood and builds muscle, which adds strength.  She invites others to join her so she stays committed, at the same time giving her an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends.  She says to set your own realistic goals and to “run your own race” which is tattooed on her wrist.  Let’s use Lynn’s advice and “run our own race” and “Get On Your Feet”!!