Funding For Victims Assistance

The Havasu Community Health Foundation funds counseling, crisis intervention and advocacy services for our under-served population who have been victimized by violence.
At the Havasu Community Health Foundation, we recognize that victims of violence need specific types of counseling and therapy to support their recovery and life changes. This system was set up to provide immediate services from the safe-house to a selection of counselors or therapists that best meets the specific needs of the victim.
Currently our local shelter, has received over 133 hours of counseling support through our ability to fund their counseling services. An amazing benefit to this program is that the client and the professional has the freedom to select the service that best meets their need.
Your support will provide the essential skills to help a victim understand their options, minimize their trauma, and stabilize their lives.
 Click here to go to our donation page and choose “Victim of Violence Counseling”. 
Call (928) 453-8190 to make your donation, or drop by the Havasu Community Health Foundation office at: 94 Acoma Blvd. S. Suite 101, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.
Thank you for this generous act of giving. Today, your donation is a gift that could not be appreciated more.
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