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Your body aches, your muscles hurt, and you are severely fatigued.  Light to deep pressure causes discomfort of the muscles - and it doesn't seem to go away.  Sometimes your skin seems so sensitive, even air "hurts."  Your mind sometimes feels like it's in a fog, with impaired concentration, memory problems and sometimes an inability to do even the simplest of tasks - this "fibro fog" can attack anytime, anywhere, without warning....or sometimes feels like it never leaves your side.  Sleep is a challenge at best.  You never seem to know how you'll feel from day to day.  Sometimes you can't get out of bed; other times you feel almost "normal," whatever that has become...but those "good" days can be pretty rare.  It's hard to plan things because you never know how your symptoms might be the next day, the next week...and it's so frustrating never knowing.  Complete relief seems a fantasy.  Temporary relief can be a struggle in itself.
You are anxious about these symptoms, and never seem to get the answers you need. You may have heard, "It's all in your head," or "buck up."  It's especially frustrating when you hear the words "but you don't LOOK sick!"  Dealing with family, friends and even the medical community has you feeling overwhelmed, confused, or worse.
We want to help you, because we know what you are going through.  We hope you will look through our pages and come to our support group meetings.  Click through the links on the left and feel free to contact us if you'd like more information.
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